While in the process of dissolving my 22-year marriage, I began uncovering and letting go of old patterns and beliefs about being in relationships. I had been operating out of the paradigm that marriage is a transactional agreement and that I had to earn love, instead of it being gifted freely and generously.    I thought I was solely responsible for the success of my relationship, and if it wasn’t working, I needed to try harder or do more, or somehow twist myself into a different shape. Eventually, I was so twisted and tangled that I no longer recognized myself.    Eating Lies, Deep Grooves and Contorted  were created during this process.    While creating these coffins I thought about how these patterns came to be, what it would take to unknot the fear and stop contorting myself to please others, and what it looks like when a healthier pattern is in place. Creating this artwork was about laying these patterns to rest and provided a sense of completion that was integral to the process of saying goodbye to this marriage and shifting the unhealthy relational patterns that had been in place for so long.
Coat of Shoulds
Healing Grace
Mossy Secrets I
Saving Grace
 This way of binding a book, called a Piano Hinge Bind, is a beautiful way to bind that allows the book to lay flat when it is open. It is called a piano hinge bind because of the suggestion of piano keys when book is laying open.  As you can see, different materials can be used for the spine, drastically changing the look from book to book.
A Year of Grace
Rattan weavings
Tea Tree